About NWDA

cropped-cropped-camping-and-caravanning-logo.pngThe North Warwickshire DA is a section of The Camping and Caravanning Club based at Greenfield’s House, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry.

We generally camp within the North Warwickshire region of the UK, holding weekend, THS and special interest meets throughout the year. We are a friendly DA open to any members of The Camping & Caravan Club, so whether you are new to camping, experienced or just getting back into camping, come along to one of our meets and we guarantee that you will come back.

All of the weekend meets can be found on our Out & About page where your stewards and prices are also shown.

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Our History

It was the end of of September 1970 at the BDAs Feast of Lanterns I was approached by Mr Alf Dempster with the offer to join five others to form a new DA. (BDA at that time was getting very large.) it required six members to form a new section, the six being Mr Alf Dempster, Mr Fred Sharpe, Mrs Sheila Sharpe, Mrs Doreen Taylor, Mr Colin Ball, and myself Jim Oliver. We held our first meeting on October 13th 1970 the name we chose was North Warwickshire Section of BDA shortly after Mr Peter Taylor was asked to join the committee. To give you a laugh the fees were Adults 15np one night 20np for two nights. CCY 7np one night, 10np two nights.

Children 2np one night 5np two nights. In January 1971 we applied to Central Counties Requesting DA status the letter was signed by all the committee. After the first weekend meet we revised the fees as it was very complicated they became 50np for two nights, 30np for one night, CCY 10np two nights. 7np one night.

We were camping at Much Wenlock , Shropshire on May 30th 1971 when Mr Alf Dempster (Chairman) announced we were now “North Warwickshire DA” also at this time Mr Ron Smith was asked to join the committee.

It was arranged to hold the inaugural meet at Combrook in August 1971. The Das first Holiday Meet was held at Criccieth in Wales in 1971 followed by many others including of course the Isle of Wight, which has been running for 30 years now. We then went on to run many big meets such as The Medieval Meet, including a twelve course banquet, The Turkey Trot, Christmas Dinner, Central Counties were entertained a large group of Canadian’s, we were all dressed in Elizabethan costumes (The Canadian Consul came also and decided to camp with us for some years after). Then came the big one “DODGE CITY”. The DA is very well known throughout the club for running many wonderful meets and after 35 years we hope the DA run many more.
We look back on the past 35 years with fond memories of the wonderful friends and happy times we have had and wish the DA all the best for the next 35 years.

Shirley and Jim Oliver