CCJ & Bears


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The CCJ offers children aged 8 – 11 years the chance to get together as a group and if they are confident enough, to camp in their own tent in the CCJ area. It will give them the opportunity to camp alone, have fun, learn new skills and will prepare them for progression to the CCY.

CCJ members are supervised by our CCJ Leader, Amy Bishop.

For more information regarding NWDA’s CCJ or Bears please contact Amy Bishop.

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The CCJ will have its own area whenever our CCJ/Bears leader is out is out camping. We have a base tent which gives the CCJ a place to chill, relax, play games and make new friends. Our leaders often arranges activities and crafts for the Children to take part in. We are led by the children as to the type of activities we do.  It will all depend on the weather, where we are camping, who’s out camping and what the kids want to do but will include:

Art and craft activities             Obstacle courses                    Nature walks                    Stream Dipping                    Water games                                        Volleyball         Team building activities              

We will also be teaching very basic first aid and tent pitching to enable the children to take the Camping and Caravanning Club Junior Youth Test and prepare them for progression into the CCY at the age of 12.

Our latest members of the CCJ to passed their  test were, Megan Nicklin, Callum Roberts and Benjamin Tain. All members worked together with their leader throughout the season to gain knowledge in Code of Camping, Pitching of their Tent and Basic First Aid with the help of Tracey and Charlotte.

Camping in CCJ area.
This area will be a section marked off within the adult units, where CCJ members can pitch their tents and spend the night. We ask parents of CCJ members to pitch their unit close by and that the children have spent some time sleeping alone in a tent outside their parents unit before they spend their first night in the CCJ area.


Under 8’s are not allowed to camp in the CCJ area but we try to include them in our activities, if they are suitable for the younger children.

CCJ and Bears are given the opportunity throughout the season to buy NWDA hoodies. (For more information on this please get in touch with Amy).

Please Note:
Children don’t have to sleep in the CCJ area to be included in the activities. We do ask that parents remain on site whilst their children are with the CCJ, we are not a babysitting service.