CCY Rules

To help all CCY enjoy their independence of camping in the CCY area can we please ask ALL to be aware of the Following Rules of Camping within CCY.

  1. ALL CCY must be booked in with the CCY Leaders prior to pitching their tents in the area. ANY Non CCY or NON booked CCY will be asked to leave the area,
  2. NO alcohol allowed within the CCY Area,
  3. NO smoking allowed within the CCY Area,
  4. All CCY camping must be back in the area by 11.15pm,
  5. Any CCY wishing to cook by their tents must ensure they follow the six meter rule in pitching away from other units,
  6. The CCY is monitored by the CCY leaders but ultimately the responsibility of your children remains solely with the parents/guardians. You must make sure you know the whereabouts of your children at all times,
  7. Any behavior that is not within keeping of the family club ethos will not be tolerated,
  8. Anyone found under the influence of alcohol will be removed and taken back to their parents/guardians.

Any CCY members that do not comply with any of the above may be asked to leave the CCY area and could be excluded from future CCY events.